Marcus Hershberger

Design Projects

EventBox [ 2017 ]
This is a mockup of a home page for a fictional company named EventBox. This company specializes in selling tickets for shows and events at local venues.
College Case [ 2017 ]
College Case is a fictional iPad app where users can customize and purchase iPad cases featuring the names, logos, and colors of their favorite university.
Reflections | Projections [ 2017 ]
This is a mockup of a website for a real conference named 'Reflections | Projections'. I attended R | P each year I was in college, and that inspired me to choose this conference for a project in my web design class.
Reflections | Projections ( Mobile ) [ 2017 ]
This is the mobile version of the Reflections | Projections webiste that is mentioned above.
Student Body Election [ 2019 ]
My roommate and I worked together to design a poster and a sticker for two of the candidates for student body elections at Indiana Wesleyan University. The posters and stickers were actually used in their campaign.